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Do the Strand

Posted by Guy Fairbank on 30th May 2021 in Blogging | chiswick,strand on the green,the beatles,the city barge,nancy mitford,johann zoffany,kew bridge,brentford
...romantic scenes in the novel. Further along, Geoffrey Household of ‘Rogue Male’ fame lived at No. 29. During the Coronation he single-handedly roasted a whole deer on Oliver’s Island! But Strand’s most famous writer was probably Nancy Mitford, who moved to Rose Cottage in 1930.  It is believed she wrote ‘The Pursuit of Love’ here though she set no scenes here. After her divorce from Peter Rodd she left the house but always remembered it fondly. One of the absolute pleasures of living near here are the many riverside pubs, and there are three quite close together. The City Barge claims to be the oldest but what you see today is mostly post-War...