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Going Dutch in the City

Posted by fairbankguy on 15th May 2018 in Design | art-nouveau,dutch,faience,shipping,tiles,st mary axe,city of london,architecture
     Though the City today seems dominated by high rise developments and soaring skyscrapers, you can still find some pockets of earlier office buildings. One such gem is Holland House, tucked away in Bury Street, behind the iconic Gherkin. This impressive Art Nouveau structure was designed for the Dutch shipping magnate Kroller-Mullers by a fellow countryman Hendrik Petrus Berlage. It dates from 1914-1916 is quite unlike any other building within the Square Mile. Berlage was inspired by a visit to the United States; indeed Holland House wouldn’t seem out of place in Chicago or New York. It has a narrow, 4-storey frontage that faces south ea...

Dead fascinating

Posted by fairbankguy on 16th August 2018 in Places & Travel | archives,brompton,catacombs,cemeteries,death,graves,tours,the who,kit lambert,john snow,emmeline pankhurst
...eyland: a shipping magnate and philanthropist, this lover of all things Pre-Raphaelite had his verdigris tomb designed by Burne Jones. Joseph Bonomi: Egyptologist and manager of the Sir John Soane Museum, he lost 4 of his children in a tragic accident. Brandon Thomas: playwright, whose play Charley’s Aunt continues to delight audiences. Flight Sub-Lt Reginald Warneford: won a VC for shooting down a Zeppelin but sadly killed in an accident a few weeks later. John Wisden: his annual cricketing almanack is a must for any cricketing fanatic. Brian Glover: his tomb has the epitaph ‘Wrestler,  Actor,  Writer’  - and he excelled in all three. Kit...