Out of London

Tours of Bath


A Georgian city where the wealthy classes went ‘for the season’ Bath has been attracting visitors for centuries to take its healthy waters, including Jane Austen. Stroll along elegant streets before taking tea in the Pump Room.

Hampton Court Palace Tours

Hampton Court Palace

Two palaces in one: Henry VIII made his home here and for his many wives. Then William III employed Christopher Wren to build him a baroque palace. Outside there are beautiful gardens to stroll in, as well as a maze.

Oxford Tours


Not just a university city but a vibrant place of learning and literature with delightful colleges to explore and the oldest public museum in Britain. If you’re a Harry Potter fan some of the places may look magically familiar…

Salisbury Tours


A gem of a medieval cathedral dating from the 13th century with a soaring spire.  Around this gothic masterpiece lies a picturesque close, featuring stunning houses and a cracking local museum. 

Stonehenge Tours


A wonder of the ancient world or a pile of old rocks? Stonehenge is one of my favourite places to visit and I love explaining its construction. Was it built to honour the summer solstice or neolithic people’s ancestors?

Windsor castle tours


Its castle is where The Queen calls ‘home’. Let's wander around the sumptuous state apartments and visit St George’s Chapel, where many a royal is buried and where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married.